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Palin Calls Bloggers “Kids in Pajamas”

Bloggers respond by calling Palin “Nitwit in a towel”
More on Sarah Palin
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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Debate Night in Canada

Well, everywhere I guess.

Apparently there is a Canadian political debate happening tonight. I have no idea who will be watching. I will b transfixed by the potential for car-crash-in-slow-motion antics from Sarah Palin as she takes on Joe Biden in the Great Debate.

I will be hosting a gathering to watch the debate and cringe. If anyone else in Canada is interested please drop by. We are just next door to Alaska. I can see it from the front window of my imagination.

Le plus Grand Debate

Du Monde

Le Deuxieme d’Octobre, Deux Mille Huit

Mme. Sarah Palin


M. Joseph Biden

Avec le participation de Mlle. Gwen Ifill

Carte a Menu

Bridge to Nowhere Pork

Succulent tenderloin of pork, lovingly dry rubbed in a back room and grilled over a 20% of America’s domestic production gas flame. You’ll be lobbying for seconds!

North Idaho College Potatoes

Two Semesters of mashed Idaho potatoes, transferred to Hawaii for tropical seasoning.

Chocolate Moose

Shot with whiskey and field dressed with berries

Wines of Washington

Selection of coastal vintages that despite their years spent aging in dark rooms in Washington still claim Maverick status

Cheese Board


What do you think we are some kinda fancy pants Brie eating liberals?


Flute solo. Television Themes of the 1970s.


We are really going to need drinks. Lots of drinks.

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I’m just sayin’

The whole story of “hey I’m 7 months pregnant and haven’t told anybody, and I don’t look at all pregnant, and not even my closest staff noticed” seemed kind of odd. The details were even more implausible.

My first thought was “either she was not actually pregnant or she was trying to cause a miscarriage”. Admittedly the former seemed more likely to me. Maybe it was really her daughter’s baby. But maybe I was just not attuned to the perversely hypocritical possibility.  What do you do with an unwanted pregnancy if you are a confirmed public anti-choice hypocrite?

What does this sequence suggest:

  • Having an amnio at 13 weeks that discovers the baby has Downs even though you are opposed to abortion. What is the point of the amnio if you are not doing anything based on it’s results? Any amnio adds to the chance of miscarriage and 13 weeks is awfully damned early (10 times the risk of miscarriage)
  • Flying to Washington while 6.5 months pregnant and not showing. Flying to Texas when 8 months pregnant, not showing. Most airlines prohibit third trimester mothers from flying except in case of emergency, and even those that do require waivers.
  • Having previously had 4 children – which tends to result in quicker labors -her water breaks and she waits around for a few hours then delivers a speech.
  • Instead of going to a fine Texas hospital (they have some of the finest in the world and Austin is a college town), she flies 11 hours back to Alaska, stopping in Seattle for an hour, switching planes.
  • Instead of going to a good hospital in Anchorage, drives an hour to her one horse Duckberg to deliver this high risk Down’s syndrome baby.

Going back to work three days later, still looking fresh as a daisy.

That story is complete bullshit.

So, at the risk of being indelicate, was Sarah Palin trying to kill her baby in utero because she could not accept the conscious choice of abortion?

The gloves came off in this one as soon as McCain picked this ticket, demonstrating that even he does not have the judgement to be president. This is about avoiding a very dangerous fate.

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In sanity

On the bright side, more sanity from the conservative perspective:

and this from American Conservative:

Regardless of whatever trepidation the Democrats may feel about appearing mean, you have to call lies what they are. Lies. I am slack jawed at the repetition of insane lies (bridge to nowhere, Alaska national guard, fully vetted, more experienced than Obama or Biden) or non sequiturs (Bristol made a “decision” to keep the baby but no one else deserves the “Choice”, pumping Track and Trig for political advantage and hauling redneck baby daddy out for show is fair, but anyone mentioning Bristol is “out of bounds”, not questioning impact of “abstinence only” policies especially and it relates to the above)

And the entire universe has to with one voice explain to the media usual suspects that campaigns and candidates have to be held to some account. You have to call a lie a lie, You have to ask a follow-up to a non answer. You have to ask the question in the first place. There is such a thing as objective reality. You don’t have to pretend that its just “two sides to every story”. Qualifications matter. You need to be a serious person to lead America. It is more than just reading one speech. The horse race is fun but this is more than a horse race.

It very well could be the fate of the world.

And speaking of the apocalyptic, have you read the details on the particularly nutty offshoot of Pentacostalism that she belongs to? Apparently she is part of a sect so nutty that it was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God, who are themselves among the nuttiest segments of Pentacostals, who are the nuttiest of all the Evangelical Christians.

She was born Catholic but her family converted to this even nuttier stream. End times, demons, speaking in tongues. I realize that a disturbing number of Americans think Armageddon, demonic possession and snake handling are just another day at church and that they are all voting for Palin anyway. (Yes, voting for Palin not McCain).

But surely there are fence sitting, socially conservative, Reagan Democrat types who are horrified by this.

And will stand up and be heard.

And will vote.

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GOP Convention Speeches in review

Joe Lieberman

What do you expect from the worst person in the world

Meg Whitman

If I press “Buy it Now” will that make it stop?

Carly Fiorina

Almost ran HP into the ground. Trying to repeat with McCain. Compaq merger/Palin choice, see a pattern here? Anyone remember “Adaptive Enterprise”?

Mitt Romney

Could not bear to watch. Hiding my head in my magic underwear.

Mike Huckabee

Does not believe in evolution so I can’t believe that he actually evolved enough to make this speech.

Rudy Giuliani

This is terrible. It is like he has never given a speech before.  And the content sucks. How does this play outside the base?

Sarah Palin

I thought it was a reasonably well delivered speech. It was decently written but nothing special. She was a lot better than Rudy or eBay lady. Doesn’t change a damned thing. Can’t believe she repeated the Bridge to Nowhere lie. Wolf blitzer saying “hit it out of the park” is absurd. CNN talking heads appear to have had their children held hostage at gunpoint by Karl Rove. Watching PBS coverage now. Reaction is more in line with mine. Well delivered for a relative novice under a lot of stress. Didn’t do herself any harm – except maybe the bridge and a little too keen to drill everywhere, but not really changing anything.

I would have graded it:
Style B+
Content  C
Impact C-

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Come out already.

Former Gov. Tom Ridge

Orange alert! Watch with extreme caution. Will sound horn when clear.

Cindy McCain

Answering the question “Whatever happened to Morgan Fairchild? She must be about 60 now.” Could not bear to watch.

John McCain

Kind of what I expected, but a little less. Still astonishing how not good McCain is at the act of reading a speech. And the stage managed applause lines were so stilted.

There ought to be some kind of trial at The Hague for any politician who cites the “specific experience of some ordinary podunk American indentified by name as an example of some universal reality.” in a speech.it is not inspiration it is just stupid and insulting.

But when he speaks about something that clearly has personal relevance – the POW stuff – he is good. But there is more to governing than recalling torture. Like maybe closing down your own torture camps.

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The First Horseman of the Apocalypse

It has been a week since the comical, desperate pick of Alaska gun nut, millenialist, home schooling, non sex educatin’, trooper firin’, unplanned grandma to be, irresponsible insane birthing decision maker and all round “she’s insane but I’d do her” interim Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was announced.

And today Rasmussen reports that her favourable rating is higher than either McCain or Obama

While this is likely just a generous and charitable first impression it does leave one speechless.
The thing that I  initially found most bizarre is that her name has been floating out there as a longshot potential choice for at least three months (i googled her in May just to find out if the one picture I had seen was an overly generous “not exactly as illustrated” situation) and yet all of the stuff that a half assed 2 day amateur vetting would have uncovered was not even uncovered by the McCain people’s half assed 2 day professional vetting.

I thought the establishment media usual suspects would be sufficiently shamed by accepting and echoing the lies that led to war in 2003. But I guess I was wrong. After a couple of days of sudden spine development led by – of all people – Campbell Brown simply refusing to not laugh when McCain surrogates replaced talking points with lies not even a two year old would buy. I know, I asked my two year old. (BTW, I love Campbell’s new hair, the darker colour and softer cut really brings out her eyes and makes her look younger and less “Washington”.)

It looked – for a brief moment as though things had finally turned, and a press that ought to have been shamed by it’s cowardice in the Iraq war fiasco had developed some balls. This was an interesting journalistic development. While it started on the blogs, for two days the online versions of big media (Times, Post, Atlantic etc) were covering this but you could hardly tell from the front pages or on air. Jesus Christ, in the future will we have to credit Campbell Brown for breaking the on air conspiracy of silence and  calling the bullshit spin of the campaign spokesdrones?

Despite the obvious lack of qualifications, or even interest in the issues affecting the nation – and not just one tiny corner, and not just the bedroom – the media accepted the nonsequitur lie of “more executive experience” than Obama or Biden, or by implication McCain.

And now apparently so does America.

For now.

At least until we hear the next set of hoofbeats.

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