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McCain’s Ibogaine?

Back in early September in searching for a rationale for why McCain would abandon his senses, pick Palin, repeat lie after lie, hide in plain sight, appear to honestly mis-remember his own record, look confused and disoriented, I suggested that he may have had a stroke in Mid August, allowing the Rovians to swoop in and take control of a vulnerable candidate.

This was a few days before I started this blog, so I didn’t post it, but I did express it in email to my friends – all three of them. I don’t know if i would have posted it anyhow given that it was pure speculation.

However seeing McCain’s droopy eye in the the last week has re-awakened the issue.

Now I don’t mean this in the sense that Hunter S Thompson famously implied that 1972 Democratic front runner Ed Muskie’s erratic behaviour was caused by the presence of an African witch Doctor on the campaign bus administering the hallucinogenic ibogaine to the senator – or maybe I do. I mean the whole issue is that there is no evidence, but the stroke hypothesis would explain the McCain behaviour in the same way that the Thompson believed the pharmacological¬† literature on Ibogaine would map to the constellation of symptoms displayed by Muskie.

Wait a minute, isn’t the McCain-Palin Campaign the one with actual ties to African Witch Doctors? Hunter Thompson must be rolling in his, umm… well… cloud


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