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Debate Night in Canada

Well, everywhere I guess.

Apparently there is a Canadian political debate happening tonight. I have no idea who will be watching. I will b transfixed by the potential for car-crash-in-slow-motion antics from Sarah Palin as she takes on Joe Biden in the Great Debate.

I will be hosting a gathering to watch the debate and cringe. If anyone else in Canada is interested please drop by. We are just next door to Alaska. I can see it from the front window of my imagination.

Le plus Grand Debate

Du Monde

Le Deuxieme d’Octobre, Deux Mille Huit

Mme. Sarah Palin


M. Joseph Biden

Avec le participation de Mlle. Gwen Ifill

Carte a Menu

Bridge to Nowhere Pork

Succulent tenderloin of pork, lovingly dry rubbed in a back room and grilled over a 20% of America’s domestic production gas flame. You’ll be lobbying for seconds!

North Idaho College Potatoes

Two Semesters of mashed Idaho potatoes, transferred to Hawaii for tropical seasoning.

Chocolate Moose

Shot with whiskey and field dressed with berries

Wines of Washington

Selection of coastal vintages that despite their years spent aging in dark rooms in Washington still claim Maverick status

Cheese Board


What do you think we are some kinda fancy pants Brie eating liberals?


Flute solo. Television Themes of the 1970s.


We are really going to need drinks. Lots of drinks.


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117-111 Obama

I am a huge if improbable fan of the sport of boxing. I say that because I kinda believe that a sport based on two men try to hit each other so hard that their brains rattle into unconsciousness ought to be banned, but as long as it is legal I will enjoy it.

I also score fights as I watch them. Boxing is scored round by round and often the subjective impression is not reflected in the scores. You can win a few rounds convincingly but lose more rounds narrowly and lose the fight.

Obviously a debate is a lot more subjective. but i think if this were a 12 round championship fight the scores would be something like 117-111 for Obama. A convincing and clear win. Not a blowout, not a knockout, but a clear and dominant win. There were four or five decent sound bites for Obama (Iraq, Spain etc) and none for McCain. I think you would be hard pressed to describe this as an ass kicking victory for either.

But I cannot see how anyone could think that McCain won, except the true believers. Although it is sick to hear the pundits who just hope for the horse race to continue pumping the McCain performance.

Which is why i am kind of disappointed in ABC’s Jake Tapper who seemed to note the few lame McCain successes without noting the many more Obama hits

Jake, the you like Mccain “seal” sideshow without noting the Obama “spain” hit to which it was a lame – and canned – retort.

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