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A Canadian in New York

I am not an ideologue, a Democrat, nor even an American. But I am in New York today. I came here from Toronto just to be here when history is made and America turns a corner on an eight year blight that that has done damage it will take 3 times that long to undo… if ever.

And brought my two and a half year old son.

I will be telling him about this day years hence and how he was there when:
A) reason triumphed over the basest of instinct
B) An election was truly stolen in broad daylight in multiple States by more than a little local malfeasance and the people rose up in their righteous fury and hunted down the CEO of Diebold Inc.

Seven years ago, at a point when everyone was shaken and the ground was still burning, I flew down to New York and Texas to spend some dollars and time with my American brothers at an hour of need and uncertainty. It was a time when the entire civilized world felt pain and empathy, and picked sides in a war against ignorance, saying “I am an American”.

Then George W Bush and his reckless cronies did everything possible to squander that goodwill, bankrupt America, debase it’s international standing and violate her most sacred rights.

Today we start to turn it around.


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Woodward: Bush Said His Iran Strategy Was “They’re A**holes”

Perhaps John McCain can condescend to Bush and suggest that “They are Assholes” is a tactic, not a strategy.
More on War Wire
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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David Broder sucks ass

That syphilitic windbag David Broder writes in the Washington Post

Congress cannot afford to delay for long taking up and passing the financial bailout legislation urged by the administration.

Uh huh. Right there are two options:
1. delay
2. taking up and passing the financial bailout legislation urged by the administration.

Um what about looking at alternatives? Alternatives that have some specifics, have some strategy, have some controls, and most importantly that have some intent to recover something for the taxpayer. Some equity interest in the assets. Maybe the state paying too much for a ton of bad paper is necessary to prevent the collapse of the financial system but to let the investment banking scum walk off with the profits and stick the people with the losses would have an extra sting if 5 years from now they are hired back at now solvent Investment Banks.

But no. According to Broder you either accept the vague “give the treasury secretary unlimited and undefined power to do whatever the hell he wants with roughtly 700 billion dollars, without subject to review and outside the jurisdiction of any legislative or judicial authority” or you are a do nothing “”delayer”

Well i guess that is the opposite of being the Decider
which maybe is not such a bad pace to be after all.

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Why we fight

Because George W Bush, despite his initial appearance as a mediocrity on about the same level as Al Gore, is undeniably the worst President in American History.

The last 7 years have been the steepest cumulative decline in American power, prestige and prospects for the future in its history.

And John McCain, who has spent most of his life being the maverick he claims to be, has clearly decided in recent weeks to be the standard bearer of the Bush era’s most crucial and harmful errors.

You can give GWB Year 1 the benefit of the doubt. An ineffectual first 9 months, followed by a surprising and inspiring month after Sept 11 as the world united around the horror and outrage presented a mixed bag under increasingly difficult circumstances.

But the key moments in late 2001/early 2002 where the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld incompetence let Al Qaeda principals escape from Afghanistan into the Pakistani tribal areas, and the later revelations that they had dusted off the gratuitous and dangerously distracting Iraq agenda as early as the afternoon of that tragic day, marked the clear beginning of a ruinous folly.

The failure to prosecute the War in Afghanistan.

The unprovoked war of aggression on Iraq, certainly an appalling regime, but one of maybe 40 such monsters around the world. And not a clear threat, let alone an aggressor.

The lies about the foundation for that war. Weapons of Mass Destruction, visions of democracy flowering, the shameless lies linking Iraq and Al Qaeda and the terrifying gullibility of those who facilitated.

The complete lack of any preparation for Iraq after the month of war.

The suppression of American’s rights through the Patriot Act(s) and the shameful abdication of moral leadership through a formal protocol of torture.

Turning the horror of most of the world at an atrocity committed against Americans into a broad contempt and increased hatred for America.

Funding the Iraq folly through deficits financed by China, and feeding off the blood of America’s courageous volunteers and – most shamefully – the feeding of the Reserves into the maw of combat.

The abdication of responsibility for repairing America’s infrastructure or taking care of the basic needs of all of its citizens in efforts deemed “too expensive” that would have cost less than this unnecessary war.

Now the very economic foundation appears to crumble, the military is worn out, America’s enemies abroad are emboldened and her friends besmirched.

Osama bin Laden in his wildest dreams could not have inflicted the damage on the United States that George Bush has.

Which is why we fight.

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