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The First Horseman of the Apocalypse

It has been a week since the comical, desperate pick of Alaska gun nut, millenialist, home schooling, non sex educatin’, trooper firin’, unplanned grandma to be, irresponsible insane birthing decision maker and all round “she’s insane but I’d do her” interim Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was announced.

And today Rasmussen reports that her favourable rating is higher than either McCain or Obama

While this is likely just a generous and charitable first impression it does leave one speechless.
The thing that I  initially found most bizarre is that her name has been floating out there as a longshot potential choice for at least three months (i googled her in May just to find out if the one picture I had seen was an overly generous “not exactly as illustrated” situation) and yet all of the stuff that a half assed 2 day amateur vetting would have uncovered was not even uncovered by the McCain people’s half assed 2 day professional vetting.

I thought the establishment media usual suspects would be sufficiently shamed by accepting and echoing the lies that led to war in 2003. But I guess I was wrong. After a couple of days of sudden spine development led by – of all people – Campbell Brown simply refusing to not laugh when McCain surrogates replaced talking points with lies not even a two year old would buy. I know, I asked my two year old. (BTW, I love Campbell’s new hair, the darker colour and softer cut really brings out her eyes and makes her look younger and less “Washington”.)

It looked – for a brief moment as though things had finally turned, and a press that ought to have been shamed by it’s cowardice in the Iraq war fiasco had developed some balls. This was an interesting journalistic development. While it started on the blogs, for two days the online versions of big media (Times, Post, Atlantic etc) were covering this but you could hardly tell from the front pages or on air. Jesus Christ, in the future will we have to credit Campbell Brown for breaking the on air conspiracy of silence and  calling the bullshit spin of the campaign spokesdrones?

Despite the obvious lack of qualifications, or even interest in the issues affecting the nation – and not just one tiny corner, and not just the bedroom – the media accepted the nonsequitur lie of “more executive experience” than Obama or Biden, or by implication McCain.

And now apparently so does America.

For now.

At least until we hear the next set of hoofbeats.


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