Peggy Noonan Goes Off On Sarah Palin In Column: “Horrifying”

I am a longtime admirer of Ms Noonan’s wordsmithing going back to the Reagan years, but the intellectual dishonesty is just appalling.

In September, Ms Noonan on an NBC broadcast, touted Palin and then when they went to commercial revealed her true thoughts into a still open microphone. When this was picked up she begged off that she was not being completely two faced, but had been taken out of context. Now that the skinny lady has sung Peggy feels comfortable to pull an about face again.

Say what you will about Pat Buchanan, but he believes what he says. It may be nutty, and it may actually work against the fulfillment of his agenda, but he is intellectually honest. And I don’t think Pat actually thinks Palin has a chance to be POTUS but I think he believes she has an opportunity to be a galvanizing force that excites the base, could mount an insurgent campaign in 2012, maybe win a couple of early primaries and raise a ton of money and become a kind of eminence rose of the nativist resentful bluecollar false consciousness Republican demographic. Kind of like…

On the other hand that ratbag Bill Kristol? He is just a liar. He knows what he says about Palin is nonsense. What is worse is that he does so because he knows that none of the captive media usual suspects will call him on it.
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