Joan Rivers: Johnny Carson Was A “Bastard” And A “Nasty Man” (VIDEO)

Johnny was a self admitted weird loner. He did not pretend to be the jovial midwestern boy that his onscreen persona suggested. He usually did not talk to guests during commercials or after the show, although he was known to introduce himself to new guests beforehand to ease the jitters. He never pretended to be a saint. He was the drinker, not Ed. Some of the show was, well just for show. Neither was he a monster. The showbusiness world is full of stories of his quiet generosity.

He made the careers of many talents. Simply appearing on his show could mean tripling your booking price at club gigs. He gave Joan Rivers, an aging mediocre one joke comic who had flittered around the margins for 15 years, a guest host role that paid her a ton, increased her profile and touring income and provided her a springboard to start her own show – on another network in direct competition to him.

Carson would not have felt slighted if Joan Rivers had started up a daytime show, or a sitcom or a prime time variety show. But she expected Carson to respond to this betrayal and direct attempt to take his market away after what he did for her was not appreciated

Joan botched that gig, blamed the failure of the show on her husband Edgar, and drove him to suicide. Yeah, I’ll take her side of the story…
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One response to “Joan Rivers: Johnny Carson Was A “Bastard” And A “Nasty Man” (VIDEO)

  1. ejp

    My admiration for Johnny is limitless, and I was never a fan of Rivers and her brand of humor, but alas, I have to take her side on this for a simple reason. Johnny was a total hypocrite to think her leaving to do a show opposite him was a “betrayal” beacuse twenty years earlier, his #1 guest host Joey Bishop did the exact same thing when he took the lure of more money and got his own show opposite Johnny on ABC. But when that show failed after two years, Johnny welcomed Joey back and even allowed him to resume guest hosting.

    Johnny also had a trail of other people he treated like dirt if they’d outlived their usefulness to him, and he was also a terrible husband and father. The image he projected so brilliantly on-screen, was sorry to say, an image. I do give him credit for having a unique ability to understand the pulse of an audience and the pulse of the nation and concentrate his efforts on entertaining rather than being a social commentator (in contrast to his chosen heir, the perverted David Letterman), but ultimately Johnny Carson is a perfect example of how you can admire and respect someone for their talent without liking them as an individual (conversely, Jack Paar, who came off as whining and annoying on the air, was a solid family man).

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