Ron Silver, Remembered

For most of my life, the first thought in my head at the mention of Ron Silver was Rhoda. He and Ron Rifkin on One Day at a Time were the Two Ronnies of my youth.

But when I heard of Ron’s death the first thing I thought of was “Heat Vision and Jack” the Ben Stiller directed pilot with Jack Black as irradiated astronaut Jack Austin, whose tag line “I know EVERYTHING!!!” greeted the dawn’s first rays, and Luke or Owen Wilson as his talking motorcycle sidekick. Ron Played the villain.

I had seen HVAJ online in a pre-youtube universe, when video had to really work to go viral. After September 11 I made a point of travelling to New York from Toronto every few months. One afternoon in July of 2002 I walked into the Museum of TV and Radio and they were screening HVAJ at 3:00PM. Serendipity.

A career bracketed by such range. An intense actor playing broad comedy on Rhoda to playing absolutely straight villainy as a foil to Jack Black. From twice the Van Dammage to Dershowitz in between.

Will miss him.
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