Rush Limbaugh At CPAC: Doubles Down On Wanting Obama To Fail (VIDEO)

This was a breath of fresh insanity. There was a lot of “we didn’t demonize Demorats who said they wanted the Iraq War to fail.” Whih is technically correct because no one said they wanted the Iraq War to fail. They did however demonize anyone who suggested even the slightest chance that the war was not a great publi policy decision.

I watched this whole speech – it seemed like at least 2 hours. I was slack jawed in amazement at the delusion and lies and complete nonsense. But I have to disagree with those who think Limbaugh is dangerous or must be taken off the air. They should be paying to have this speech shown everywhere. Because it is just preaching to the choir.

I kept thinking the same thing i did the final 10 weeks of the election campaign. “How can the Republicans think this nonsense appeals to any independent or swing voters?” This crap may rile up the base but it is either irrelevant or appalling to the people who will decide.

It is like the Dems 20 years ago running campaigns on how many Union Executives had endorsed. Anyone who was going to vote for someone because the union boss told him to was already voting for Mondale.
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4 responses to “Rush Limbaugh At CPAC: Doubles Down On Wanting Obama To Fail (VIDEO)

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  2. mel

    “A governmant big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have”. What dellusion and lies, and complete nonsense Thomas Jefferson spouted. How dare Rush spit out the same old nonsense the founding fathers spit out. Its completely appalling that the conservatives not accept a new and better way to govern. Never mind Obamas ideas originated in Russia and lead to such great leaders as Stalin. Sorry, I shouldn’t be critical or hateful towards our amazing leader. I might sound as appalling as Rush.

  3. afrankangle

    Neuman … cheers and condolences for watching the whole speech. At least you’re not writing from a selected quote.

    Oh no … by no way am I defensing Rush. He is the king of partisanship and will slam the other side in whatever way possible to get his way. Personally, I find him so pathetic, I’ve already given him more space than he deserves.

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