Bush-Loyal U.S. Attorney Refuses To Vacate Post

For US Attorneys from the Bush era wanting to stay one, it is not about the paycheck. Any people in these positions would make 3 times as much in the private sector. I would hope that it might be indicative of an actual desire to perform public service.

The issue that was outrageous about the Bush firings was that they fired loyal REPUBLICAN US Attorney appointees because they would not bow to pressure from Republican pols to pursue frivolous investigations or corrupt and unfounded indictments against perceived political enemies.

It would be better for all if these were Justice Dept career positions and not just political appointees, but who is the one to start? Maybe Obama will set a precedent and keep a bunch on. He seems willing to take more chances with keeping adversaries in the tent. What if he sent a letter to all of the US Attorneys he retained saying “There will be no under the table political pressure. You are welcome to stay as long as you follow the law and Justice Dept policy as established by my AG. If you can’t pledge to that, thanks for coming out.”
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