The Real Story Behind the Batman, Turkey Lawsuit

In the same way that if you looked at the obsessions of Christian fundamentalists of every stripe you would think that the message of Jesus was 99% about sex.

Just because the scripture does not elevate killing your daughter as a necessary practice, the religious infrastructure that has grown up around that religion is not guilty. Just as we see Pastors and Priests promoting an agenda of hate and greed that is antithetical to the message of Christ, many Islamic areas are filled with religious leaders who reinforce the local cultural practices.

And onto scott’s larger point. Yeah I felt compelled to defend – of all people – that shrieking harridan Rep. Michelle Bachman, when she was found to have suggested that America’s cultural values might actually be better than some others.

I am not even an American, but fr all it’s flaws is American culture superior to a culture of hate and sanctioned murder of your own daughter for the crime of being raped?

Damn right it is.
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