A Canadian in New York

I am not an ideologue, a Democrat, nor even an American. But I am in New York today. I came here from Toronto just to be here when history is made and America turns a corner on an eight year blight that that has done damage it will take 3 times that long to undo… if ever.

And brought my two and a half year old son.

I will be telling him about this day years hence and how he was there when:
A) reason triumphed over the basest of instinct
B) An election was truly stolen in broad daylight in multiple States by more than a little local malfeasance and the people rose up in their righteous fury and hunted down the CEO of Diebold Inc.

Seven years ago, at a point when everyone was shaken and the ground was still burning, I flew down to New York and Texas to spend some dollars and time with my American brothers at an hour of need and uncertainty. It was a time when the entire civilized world felt pain and empathy, and picked sides in a war against ignorance, saying “I am an American”.

Then George W Bush and his reckless cronies did everything possible to squander that goodwill, bankrupt America, debase it’s international standing and violate her most sacred rights.

Today we start to turn it around.

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