Bill Kristol Knocks New York Times, Predicts McCain Win On “Daily Show” (VIDEO)

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joannericec wrote of Jon Stewart’s past admiration for John McCain

Really surprised to hear Stewart say he’d have voted for McCain over Gore.

Really? Why?

Stewart is not some kind of Democratic Loyalist “My Party Right or Wrong” kind of guy. That attitude is only marginally better than the full bore “Republican or Death” voter who must be the only ones left embracing McCain.

And it is only preferable currently. 25 years ago I would have taken the brain dead uncritical Republican over most hardened ideologue Democrats. 40 years ago you might have reasonably taken any Democrat over any Republican. Except Hubert Humphrey that twisted gasbag.

Politicians are rarely as good or as bad as we would believe. Except Humphrey, who was much much worse. Okay, I take that back. Not about Humphrey, who was indeed a worthless offal filled sack, Frankenstein Monster of interest group politics. Just that the he is not the only exception. No discussion of politicians more evil than you could imagine in your worst nightmare is complete without mentioning Tom DeLay. Sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little. It happens.

Anyhow those of you who legitimately wonder why there are people who still plan to vote for McCain when voting for Obama is the clearest and easiest slam dunk (forgive me) choice in presidential politics in about 65 years really need to ask yourselves about your own hard biases.

Whoever the real McCain is – the guy we thought we knew or the Rovian pod-person McCain we have seen in recent months – the possibility exists of a quality Republican vs a mediocre Democrat. I think McCain would have beaten Gore (legitimately) in 2000. But instead we got a mediocre Republican vs a mediocre Democrat. And unfortunately much worse than mediocre results.

I don’t think that very many people really saw how bad 4 years of Bush could be. I have no idea how the second 4 years happened. Were Americans all playing a drunken prank or something in November 2004? But would it have been all that surprising if 4 or 8 years of Gore had been terrible too? Maybe we would be living in insulated Yurts, burning our own dried feces for heat and reporting the results daily to Energy Czar Ed Begley Jr? So admit it, a Gore administration could have been almost as bad as Bush. Almost.

I will give you credit if you predicted in advance that George W Bush would become, without question and without hyperbole, the Worst President in American History. But really looking back 2000 was an uninspiring choice between two excptionally uninspiring candidates.

I don’t think Stewart is alone. I expect there are 3 or 4 million others who would have thought the same way. Akthough after the McCain eltdown of the past months not many would admit it. Kudos to Jon Stewart for intellectual honesty.

I know that there are some who just expect anyone with a brain to endorse every Democrat but grow up. Just as it is not partisan bias to say that Obama over McCain is the most obvious choice possible in Presidential politics since Franklin Roosevelt vs anyone, or Anyone vs William Jennings Bryan, it is not ‘surprising’ that a smart person would pick an apparently good Republican over an obviously lame Democrat.

Here is something that all people of good conscience, left, right or in between can agree on. Wouldn’t the 2000 Vice Presidential Debate have been better as a match to the death. Whether Cheney or Lieberman went, we would all be the better for it.

Swaying hand in hand “We are the world, We are the children ….”

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