Michele Bachmann: “Not All Cultures Are Equal” (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Michele Bachman is batshit crazy and dangerously anti-liberty, and her analysis of the reasons for the unrest in France is misguided but I find it hard to be offended at the suggestion that all “cultures” are not absolutely equal.

I will be the first to admit that anyone’s evaluation is subjective. You are more likely to approve of cultures similar to yours. But yeah, I do think that cultures that preserve ancestral blood feuds or institutionalize the beating of women and their imprisonment in their own homes, or punish private sexual acts with death might be found a little wanting in comparison the the degenerate Western lifestyle.

This applies equally to domestic cultures like polygamist religious pedophiles or the Rural religious “Real” Americans of Sarah Palin’s alternate reality. Or is that a redundancy?

And I will be damned if I have to pretend that the tanning drinking and gossip culture of those retarded lazy fuckers on “The Hills” is not evidence of some actual hierarchy of social values. Now if anyone needed a public flogging….

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One response to “Michele Bachmann: “Not All Cultures Are Equal” (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

  1. This crazy woman has a long history of idiotic comments. She is not smart. She does not belong in Congress. Here are her three absolute worst moments in her Congressional career:


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