Throwing the Bums Out – Bringing home the Bacon

My esteemed correspondent from A Frank Angle writes compellingly on his idea for Congressional Renewal.

So it’s this simple. A Frank Angle’s solution for those desiring change: Vote the bums out! If they vote 80% or better with their party, vote the bums out! If they vote for earmarks, vote the bums out! If they participate in wasteful spending, vote the bums out! If they violate ethic standards, vote the bums out! What is so difficult?

It strikes me as a symptom of two issues.

1. The narrow self interest of voters in the kind of pork the local rep brings home. They hate other people’s pork but they love and feel they deserve their own. It is not just that people in Alaska feel entitled to their Bridge to Nowhere because Cleveland gets funding for an Aquarium or Atlanta gets a Museum of the history of Peanuts in the Antebellum South or whatever. People actually think their pork is justified but others’ pork is, well, PORK!

2. The de facto 2 party system created by the institutional impediments to the formation of third parties and the resulting – and frankly stunning to an outsider – American acceptance of the two existing parties as the only options as I discussed

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