The worst campaign ever?

Is the McCain for President Campaign the worst run major campaign in the modern media age of Presidential politics?

Have they eclipsed the 1992 Bush re-election campaign which squeaked out a victory in New Hampshire over Pat Buchanan and then lost the general because they simply failed to supply any reason that anyone ought to vote for Bush? By rights he should have beaten Clinton and Perot, but just expected that he would be re-elected on a resume.

And what is the common them between then and now? Paging Charlie Black…



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3 responses to “The worst campaign ever?

  1. culturepress

    Yes, worst campaign in decades! Unbelievable. I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did.

  2. I tend to disagree. Given heading the ticket of the party currently in the White House with such a low approval rating, Senator McCain has made a race of it.

    In discussions with my friends, we point to Al Gore and John Kerry having the worst campaigns.

    Oh well … it all a matter of opinion. Thanks for your post.

  3. neumann103


    I take your point. Maybe it is arguing over actions vs effects or a question of semantics.
    While I see the Gore campaign as an enormous squandering of opportunity, the Kerry thing a classic of playing the other guy’s game and even the train wreck that was Dukakis all as terribly mismanaged campaigns that turned a really good shot at winning into a humiliating defeat, they don’t approach the sheer level of “WTF????? You can’t be serious???” incompetence that the McCain campaign displays every day.

    Yes, Kerry lost to Bush in 2004 when the Democrats should have been able to win if they had nominated a sock puppet. That took some major league incompetence to pull off.

    But Kerry was a bad candidate. I have always liked and respected McCain. I lamented 2004 because I thought that an Edwards/McCain race would have actually framed the issues well, and would have been happy with either guy winning.

    I agree that it is jaw droppingly astonishing that McCain is polling above 30% Nationally, given the lies and gratuitous fuckups of the campaign and the lingering stench of the incumbent Bush record.

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