Something we can all agree on

A reason to elect Barack Obama that even the drill-baby-drill happiest Republican can embrace.

If Obama wins maybe there will not be any more of those Barbra Streisand benefits where she sings “amusing” versions of Sondheim ditties substituting the lyric “clowns” with “Republicans”.



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One response to “Something we can all agree on

  1. sedum

    I caught you’re schtick on HuffPo and have added you to my slender favourites list.

    A bit rough on Babs though. I thought there was enough material at the Rabid Stepford Pugs Site (any and all female pug site) to last a lifetime.

    If you’d seen Babs tell a heckler to “fuck off”, to the wildly approving Toronto audience, it might temper you a tad.

    I’ve got an mp3, that a Toronto producer put out, with lots of euro-techno weirdery and Babs shouting out “fuck you” a hundred times. I play it when I read retardlican comments.

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