In sanity

On the bright side, more sanity from the conservative perspective:

and this from American Conservative:

Regardless of whatever trepidation the Democrats may feel about appearing mean, you have to call lies what they are. Lies. I am slack jawed at the repetition of insane lies (bridge to nowhere, Alaska national guard, fully vetted, more experienced than Obama or Biden) or non sequiturs (Bristol made a “decision” to keep the baby but no one else deserves the “Choice”, pumping Track and Trig for political advantage and hauling redneck baby daddy out for show is fair, but anyone mentioning Bristol is “out of bounds”, not questioning impact of “abstinence only” policies especially and it relates to the above)

And the entire universe has to with one voice explain to the media usual suspects that campaigns and candidates have to be held to some account. You have to call a lie a lie, You have to ask a follow-up to a non answer. You have to ask the question in the first place. There is such a thing as objective reality. You don’t have to pretend that its just “two sides to every story”. Qualifications matter. You need to be a serious person to lead America. It is more than just reading one speech. The horse race is fun but this is more than a horse race.

It very well could be the fate of the world.

And speaking of the apocalyptic, have you read the details on the particularly nutty offshoot of Pentacostalism that she belongs to? Apparently she is part of a sect so nutty that it was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God, who are themselves among the nuttiest segments of Pentacostals, who are the nuttiest of all the Evangelical Christians.

She was born Catholic but her family converted to this even nuttier stream. End times, demons, speaking in tongues. I realize that a disturbing number of Americans think Armageddon, demonic possession and snake handling are just another day at church and that they are all voting for Palin anyway. (Yes, voting for Palin not McCain).

But surely there are fence sitting, socially conservative, Reagan Democrat types who are horrified by this.

And will stand up and be heard.

And will vote.

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