Just woke up

I have always been a politics junkie which is difficult where I grew up because the local politics tend to be meaningless.Hence I have always gravitated to the free for all of American politics, whether it was for the grand scale of the struggle played out with hundreds of millions of dollars and affecting billions of people’s lives.

I only ever worked on one campaign, but i will save that story. It requires some…ummm… context.

In the last few years I had turned away a bit. The races all seemed too manufactured, the press coverage too credulous. It has been  years since I saw any politician appear on TV and say anything beyond his prepared talking points.

You go through a cycle like 1996 or 2000 where it seemed the choice was between a couple of mediocrities and you kind of lose interest. Sure the Florida recount shenanigans of 2000 or the appearance of John Edwards or Barack Obama with an actual message in 2004 drew some temporary attention, but it fades.

My ears had perked up when Obama and McCain both seemed to be staging the impossible come from behind, against the party establishment rally, saving us from the hell of “Hillary vs Rudy ’08”.

But really nothing got my attention like the rumour that McCain was going to pick Sarah Palin as runnng mate. My first thought was to check if the domain name http://www.VPILF.com was taken.

Too late.

But  I am buckled in for the ride now.

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