GOP Convention Speeches in review

Joe Lieberman

What do you expect from the worst person in the world

Meg Whitman

If I press “Buy it Now” will that make it stop?

Carly Fiorina

Almost ran HP into the ground. Trying to repeat with McCain. Compaq merger/Palin choice, see a pattern here? Anyone remember “Adaptive Enterprise”?

Mitt Romney

Could not bear to watch. Hiding my head in my magic underwear.

Mike Huckabee

Does not believe in evolution so I can’t believe that he actually evolved enough to make this speech.

Rudy Giuliani

This is terrible. It is like he has never given a speech before.  And the content sucks. How does this play outside the base?

Sarah Palin

I thought it was a reasonably well delivered speech. It was decently written but nothing special. She was a lot better than Rudy or eBay lady. Doesn’t change a damned thing. Can’t believe she repeated the Bridge to Nowhere lie. Wolf blitzer saying “hit it out of the park” is absurd. CNN talking heads appear to have had their children held hostage at gunpoint by Karl Rove. Watching PBS coverage now. Reaction is more in line with mine. Well delivered for a relative novice under a lot of stress. Didn’t do herself any harm – except maybe the bridge and a little too keen to drill everywhere, but not really changing anything.

I would have graded it:
Style B+
Content  C
Impact C-

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Come out already.

Former Gov. Tom Ridge

Orange alert! Watch with extreme caution. Will sound horn when clear.

Cindy McCain

Answering the question “Whatever happened to Morgan Fairchild? She must be about 60 now.” Could not bear to watch.

John McCain

Kind of what I expected, but a little less. Still astonishing how not good McCain is at the act of reading a speech. And the stage managed applause lines were so stilted.

There ought to be some kind of trial at The Hague for any politician who cites the “specific experience of some ordinary podunk American indentified by name as an example of some universal reality.” in a is not inspiration it is just stupid and insulting.

But when he speaks about something that clearly has personal relevance – the POW stuff – he is good. But there is more to governing than recalling torture. Like maybe closing down your own torture camps.


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One response to “GOP Convention Speeches in review

  1. Some things I don’t understand.

    I thought Republicans, Conservatives stood for fiscal responsibility.
    McCain is supportive of continuing the Iraq war.
    That is at a cost of not billion, but HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.
    67% of Americans opposse this costly war.
    Why would anyone support that?

    I thought Consevatives had strong religious values.
    Yet they support the use of force in Iraq.
    What would Jesus say about that?

    McCain is now trumpeting the “change” chorus.
    But he voted 90% with Bush.
    How does that square with you?
    That’s not change; that’s more of the same (failed) policies.

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